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3 Easy Tips When Trying To Test Drive a Used Car

You have passed by that used car lot every day for the past month, and there are a few models in there that have really caught your eye. You are currently in the market to change your current vehicle, and all you need to do now is to set aside a little bit of time to go visit the dealer, and see exactly what he or she has for you. Buying a used car nowadays is a lot easier than it used to be, and many used cars now, come with a full service history, and if the car is only a couple of years old, it will still be under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Consider everything.

However, when the time comes to test drive the vehicle that you think is right for you, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration, before you hand over your hard earned cash, or you sign on the dotted line. Here are some tips to help you when test driving and considering purchasing a used car from Canberra used car dealers.

  1. Take your time – Try to remember that you are going to invest a significant amount of money into this vehicle, and so it is important to get it right first time. Walk slowly around the car, open the doors and have a look around, and pay particular attention to the little things. If there are issues with the small things, then you can be pretty sure that there will be problems with the bigger things. 
  1. Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the vehicle’s history and why the owner is selling. Be polite and ask pertinent questions about the car. At no point in the proceedings, should you be talking about money. This is something that you will only come about when you are satisfied that the car meet your needs. 
  1. Press all the buttons – Get into the vehicle and start pressing all of the buttons that you see, to make sure that everything is fully operational. You would be surprised at the amount of money it costs to fix electrical units, and so everything needs to be working like it should.

Even though you are not mechanically minded, start the car up and have a listen. Even an untrained mechanic can still spot if an engine sounds right or not. If it doesn’t feel right, never be scared to walk away from the car. There are a lot of used cars out there, and it may take time to find the right one for you.

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