advantages of the electronic cigarette

The vapor produced by e-cigarettes, in fact, does not have all the substances produced by the combustion of tobacco, which tend to stick to all the surfaces with which they come into contact, but evaporates without leaving any odor on clothes, or on the skin and hair. , nor in the environments where you vape (car, home, office …).

Less waste.

When you smoke a classic cigarette, after having lit it, it may happen that you have to turn it off immediately (it can happen at the bus stop, at work due to an urgent call, etc.), and in this way half or more of the cigarette is literally wasted . With the vape it is possible to make even just one or two puffs, without any waste, in fact electronic cigarettes can be activated and deactivated at any time without limits best cbd vape juice.

The possible ‘cons’ of the electronic cigarette

Having listed the main advantages of using an e-cigarette, now let’s talk about what, in a sense, could be seen as a disadvantage.

Nicotine addiction .

Although the electronic cigarette is an excellent tool to get rid of the addiction to the analog cigarette, it is sometimes also used by those who have never smoked in their life.

The problem could arise in the event that, who has never done it before, begins to use e-cigarette liquids with nicotine , triggering a process that will lead to the addiction of this substance.

Of course this is only a possibility, in fact you can safely vape with the electronic cigarette even without nicotine , simply for the sake of savoring many vaping aromas and to have fun creating clouds of vapor.

Nicotine detox.

Pay attention to the quality of liquids .

Among the downsides of vaping there is also the risk of buying low-quality vaping liquids. Based on the studies carried out so far, the device itself is not harmful to human health, but what could cause damage is the liquid contained in the e-cig.

Are you wondering in what sense?

In some substandard e-liquids, harmful substances or concentrations of amines and furans have been found above the limits permitted by law. Vaping safely, however, is possible: just buy only and exclusively products made by safe and reliable brands (for this, take a look at our store ).

This was a summary of the main pros and cons of using the electronic cigarette. As we have seen, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and, as regards the latter, they depend very much on the attention and common sense of the consumer.